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Our Board of Directors are passionate about bringing the Global Legacy Foundation to life by supporting the members, giving guidance and making sure everyone is having fun on the incredible journey!


Meet our dedicated team of Board Members:

Board of Directors

Debbie is the Global Legacy Foundation founder and visionary. She shares her new ideas and outside the box thinking everyday for the team to run with!

Delor is our guy who keeps the business running by ensuring there is focus, all details are met and everyone is having fun!

Bas is our balance and checks guy around the Global Legacy Foundation making sure we maximize our funds to help as many families, youth and communities as possible!

Grant is our joking funny guy who loves to come to our events, keeps everyone laughing and supports all members while they follow their passion in helping the foundation!

Ange is our all around gal who keeps the board members on track, everyone laughing and having fun and supports the members in the tasks at hand!

Ange Beemer

Debbie Shelley

Delor Silva

Bas Owel

Grant Chyzyk

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