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The Global Legacy Foundation was incorporated in May 2012 as a registered non-profit society with the government of Alberta.


We were formed to identify needs and address community safety issues, provide safety education for youth and to help families in our community who have been affected by a life impacting event due to workplace injury.


The Foundation is our opportunity to stand up and support what we believe in - with actions that clearly state how much we care.


It is our intention - together with you - to leave a legacy based on our belief in keeping ourselves and others safe that will be remembered for generations to come.




Frequently Asked Questions


Is the Global Legacy Foundation a non-profit organization?

  • Yes, the Global Legacy Foundation is a registered non-profit organization.



How is the Global Legacy Foundation funded?

  • As a registered non-profit organization, the Global Legacy Foundation receives support and sponsorships from a wide variety of sources.

  • Funds are also raised through a variety of local events.

  • Through partnerships such as the Global Training Centre who lends its support by helping fund the program’s administrative costs.



Who does the Global Legacy Foundation help?

  • The Global Legacy Foundation helps families by supporting safety in our three focus areas; Families, Education and Community.



How can I lend my support to the Global Legacy Foundation?

  • Become a Platinum Partner

  • Get involved with one of our events by attending, donating an auction item, being an event sponsor or volunteering.

  • Sign up for our Newsletter to stay updated on what's coming up!

The Global Legacy Foundation is currently working on a Fire Safety Simulator to take to schools for educating youth on Fire Safety!
Please stay tuned for upcoming news on our Fire simulator!

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