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Hear why our members dedicate their time, energy and resources in helping our Global Legacy Foundation.

Jean tells us why she volunteers as a Co-Chair member of the Global Legacy Foundation - EYE on Safety Committee:


"I was with a friend the night before he died from a workplace injury. We all miss him more than words can say. I see the lives affected deeply by his loss; his family, his friends, their families, his co-workers, so many people. It is such a deeply profound loss and I will do all I can to prevent others from experiencing a workplace injury."



Geri tells us why she volunteers as a Co-Chair member of the Global Legacy Foundation - EYE on Safety Committee

"When I first moved to Canada, I was very young and very excited to have found a job just 5 days after arriving.   My new job required me to constantly use several chemicals.


While taking the WHMIS course I learned that to use the chemicals I should wear a mask to prevent the fumes from causing respiratory problems. When I came back to work my boss said not to worry about the mask, as they’ had been doing the same job for several years and never had any respiratory issues. I told him about my asthma and that I would like to use a mask at least when I was mixing the chemicals, again he insisted it wasn’t necessary.


I was very young and I didn’t want to disappoint anybody so I agreed not to use the mask, only to find out six months later that my asthma had come back. As a result of the exposure to chemicals without using a mask, I was back on a puffer, I was back on medication, vaccines and breathing into a paper bag.

I was lucky I stopped soon enough that it only took my doctor a mere 6 months to get my condition under control again and the effect of chemical fumes did not leave me with lifelong respiratory issues.

I believe I can share my story with teenagers entering the work force and let them know that just because someone says it is ok for them to do something because nothing bad has ever happened to anyone else, it doesn’t mean it is true or that it won’t happen to them."


~ Geri

Focusing on Community-Friends of Wyndham- Flood of 2013


"Dear Global Legacy Foundation,


We wanted to send you a very heartfelt Thank You for you continued support of us and the other families in the valley after the floods. What a suprise it was to recieve your nice letter in the mail notifying us of these additional funds to help us with our rebuilding 'post flood.'The letter itself was beautiful, it was sincere, empathetic, true and inspiring. We have been blessed by the foundations supoort through this process....

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